General Contractor

Management Made Easy

“If you need a manual, we did it wrong.”

As a general contractor, you’re overseeing multiple sub-contractors and sites at once, which is no easy task … until now.

Maptraq gives you a unique advantage. With real-time visibility you can access the smallest detail—such as the GPS coordinates and photos for a particular trench—all the way up to the big picture—like project reconciliation.

Job Details | Maptraq

Streamlined Processes

In the past, part of the challenge has been accommodating different reports pouring in from various sub-contractors at different times. maptraq resolves that issue, providing one easy software solution for managing the transfer of jobsite data and reporting between you and your subs. You can practically manage a job site from your computer.

With the ability to connect to your sub-contractors and assign them jobs in maptraq, the result is you save time; your sub-contractors save time; and everyone wins.

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Reconciliation & Invoicing

Were the sub-contractors up to standard? Did we complete the job on-time? Was the job profitable? With Maptraq answer these questions and more with its comprehensive reporting. No more hunting down different close-out documents, reports and spreadsheets—reconciliation is just a few clicks away.

With instant As-Builts and other close-out documents, receiving and preparing invoices has never been easier.

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