Making Your Job Easier

Our mission is simple: to make the job easier for everyone involved.

From collecting job site information, to ensuring job quality and simplifying the reporting and invoicing process, it’s high time contractors had more time to focus on what really matters.

Activity Report | Maptraq

Job Management & Quality Control

Forget chasing photos, jotting down measurements and coordinates on maps, and trying to make sense of it all after each 12-hour day on the job. With maptraq, your foremen track job site data from their phone or tablet—as they go.

As the contractor, you have real-time visibility to check in on job progress. Review photos to make sure nothing was missed. Weigh in on equipment use. Provide feedback to ensure job quality. You now have a window into any job, at any time, from anywhere.

Finance | Maptraq

Daily Reconciliation & Cash Flow

With detailed, real-time reporting, daily reconciliation is no longer guesswork. With a quick look, you can review everything from crew labor to material and equipment use, assessing whether you achieved your target margins for the day, the week, or the entire project.

And upon job completion, gone are the days when it would take weeks, sometimes months, to compile close-out documents for invoicing. As your crews are sweeping up, you have everything you need to send off the invoice. Faster invoicing means better cash flow—and a reduced need for operating capital.

Billing | Maptraq