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Finally…The whole Job in one place.

Why Maptraq?

If you are managing work from the field with stacks of paper, hand drawn maps, and photos on your employees’ phones then it is likely that you are missing 3 to 5% of your actual production when you get to billing.  That is work you paid for but will never bill.

Or perhaps you have had close-out packages rejected and payment delayed because you were missing a photo, or your redlines didn’t tie in to your billing.

Or maybe your team was sidelined for days when that Locate Ticket wasn’t renewed.

Or perhaps you lost a pre-construction video and got stuck holding the tab for restoring a pre-existing problem.

We could go on, but you probably get the point.

We were tired of those things too.  That’s why we created Maptraq.

Who We Serve

Provider | Maptraq


It’s all on one Map. Your team can access every placed piece of equipment right on a tablet – based on their location. Get more accurate information faster.

General Contractor | Maptraq

General Contractors

With real-time visibility, you can oversee multiple job sites at once. You’re able to follow everything from pothole dimensions to daily reconciliation, staying up-to-date with your crews and clients to ensure job satisfaction.

Subcontractor | Maptraq


It’s up to you to track every dig, every trench, every bore line. Now you can manage the entire job as you go, minimizing errors and saving hours on the back-end.

Maptraq Reduces Costs & Improves Cashflow

Our powerful web application and your processes for collecting production data, report generation, and invoicing our solution provides:

  • Fast and Accurate Invoicing
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Decreased Administrative Burden

The Maptraq Difference

Forget piecing together hand drawn maps, random pictures, and tons of notes.  Now it’s all available automatic Job Prints, instantly uploaded photos, every dimension and detail.  Everything you need for billing is ready before your crews are done cleaning up.

What Maptraq Delivers

We give you clean, true, and accurate reports ready to go when you are.

We give you insight into how the work is being done in the field at an unprecedented level.

From initial site exploration all the way to invoicing reports, every step of construction management is in now your hands, making it easier than ever to get the job done … and get it done right.

Maptraq introduces first-of-its-kind jobsite data management software, pioneering a new space in utility construction.

Watch Our Two Minute Introduction Video

About Maptraq

We’ve been in the trenches, literally. We’ve spent hours compiling daily reports. We’ve felt the financial impact of a long billing cycle, held up by tedious paperwork. And we wondered … shouldn’t it be better?

It should. And it now is.

Because we’ve been there, and we’ve got your back.